Tuesday, January 6, 2009

how did i become a newbee bloggie??

ok - here i am - just passed the new 50 (that's really sixty for me) and my oldest daughter (jennie-b. 1976) was determined that i learn to blog - she says it's like emailing all at once and will dismember my guilt for not emailing my fam and friends - to start, i'm southern born and bred so i will phonetically spell southern pronunciation - i should start with my husband (that's huz-been) of 37 years - i met him in a laundromat and i've been doing his laundry ever since - he has the ability to wash clothes, but smart enough to fail miserably his first try - he also said my handwriting is better so i also write the bills, etc. - i will refer to him as huz - we (it was 99% me) birthed 2 beautiful daughters - hi jennie and julie (b. 1980) - they keep me grounded and endlessly work on my insistance on having the best opinion - they don't even have to ask for it - oh well, i figure age gives you liberties - they both survived unhealthy, abusive engagements and then married two really good men - jennie married jason after 9.5 weeks (ok-i may still resent not being at the elopement) and have graced huz and i with 3 amazing granddaughters (chloe-9, hannah-7, shelby-5) - they crack me up with their child honesty, goofy reasoning and outlook on life and we don't even have to babysit! - they live next door - we are on 30 acres - huz has no shame in marking his territory and jason his - jason and jennie's first parent task was to train the baby how to get to nana and papa's in their walkers - we have 16 dogs, 4 cats and 2 birds - j and j have 3 dogs, 7 cats, 2 bunnies, 1 hermit crab and 1 hamster - the pets are another story (oops, i mean blog) - ed and julie have 2 dogs and 3 very plump cats and no babies - their trailer is full - i'm at work so i must sign off or whatever one does on a blog - nana form savannah